BB30 Advanced Back Brace

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The Bracoo BB30 Back Brace balances advanced customisable support with easy-to-use adjustability and firm stability. Features a highly-versatile quad-spring stabiliser system and innovative Z-line open-back strapping for unparalleled support and customization.

User-oriented design features includes:

  • Easy-to-adjust double fastener belt with a single-pull external strap that won’t compromise support
  • Lightweight breathable fabric
  • Tapered form offers strong lumbar support without overly restricting the abdominal region.

Specifically designed for people who require higher levels of compression and properly-engineered bracing. 


  • S: 819567017938
  • M: 819567017945
  • L: 819567017921


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      • Fully customisable quad stabiliser support system can be repositioned using detachable pads for precise support & stability to any region around the lumbar spine
      • Z-Line support system offers a broad range of stability, and employs a double-belt fastening system for easy adjustments depending on posture or loading.
      • Open-back strapping and a lightweight breathable polyester mesh promote maximum air circulation - ideal for prolonged wear
      • Tapered form ensures broader support along the spine and reduced restriction around the abdominal region


      • Support for the lumbar spine with a simple pull of an adjustment strap without risking compromised stability
      • Provides very strong stabilisation and limits painful flexion
      • Can be tailored to fit any back shape, be it hip-, waist-, or shoulder-dominant in profile
      • Ensures optimal air circulation around the lower spine


      • 75% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 5% Thermoplastic
      • Hand wash in cool water - hang dry
      • Measure waist circumference, S: 70-88 cm, M: 88-100 cm, L: 100-130 cm

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